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Stilus (n.), sti-lus

Latin, stiletto, spike, sharp, a stake; a pointed instrument

Atelier (n.), at-el-ier

Workshop or studio, esp. of an artist, artisan, or designer


Shoes, style, individual, forward, atelier of stilettos.


Stillier is a new Australian accessories label synonymous with contemporary, polished and on-trend footwear, handbags and jewellery which take you from day to night with ease and sophistication.



Filling the gap where shoes are either fashion forward but un-wearable, or comfortable but lack style, Stillier have launched its premier Classic collection this winter, drawing inspirations from old world glamour and 50s movie stars.


The Classic Palette features neutral tones including dove greys, nudes and blushes, brightened up by injections of grape, cerise and terracotta. Complimenting these winter hues are a selection of signature I Heart Peep Toes, Quilted Pumps, Wedges, Platform Sandals and Embellished Flats.


Using carefully hand-picked materials including calf leathers, suedes and exclusive pony skins, each shoe is meticulously finished with extraordinary attention to detail that will continue to define the Stillier brand. From start to finish, each Stillier creation will transcend glamour and become a statement in quality and artistry.


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